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WHO Collaborating Centre area

About us


SaPeRiDoc (Documentation centre on perinatal and reproductive health) is part of the Emilia-Romagna Regional health service and has been developed and managed by the CeVEAS perinatal and reproductive area.

SaPeRiDoc is an evidence based web site and provides summaries of updated evidence on several topics (such as contraception, pregnancy, delivery, menopause, etc.) for health professionals working in the field of women's and infants' health. The same contents are provided in other formats, designed for women and the public. Except from this section, dedicated to WHO Collaborating Centre activities, texts are written in Italian language.

SaPeRiDoc is certified by Health On the Net Foundation (Hon-Code).


Working group

Vittorio Basevi (obstetrician gynaecologist, SaPeRiDoc head): v.basevi@ausl.mo.it 
Chiara Alessandrini (obstetrician gynaecologist): c.alessandrini@ausl.mo.it
Dante Baronciani (neonatologist) : d.baronciani@ausl.mo.it
Simona Di Mario (pediatrician): s.dimario@ausl.mo.it 
Nicola Magrini (pharmacologist, CeVEAS director): n.magrini@ausl.mo.it 
Barbara Paltrinieri (science communication expert): b.paltrinieri@ausl.mo.it
Daniela Spettoli (obstetrician gynaecologist): d.spettoli@ausl.mo.it 
Gianfranco Gori (obstetrician gynaecologist): g.gori@ausl.fo.it

Data di pubblicazione: 11.12.2008

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